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Type of machineMilling Machining Centers 4 Axis
TypeHCP 2/4
Year of manufacture2005
Type of controlCNC
Storage locationFactory
Country of originSchweiz
Delivery timeimmediately
Freight basisex Works

Technical details

x-travel300 mm
y-travel1390 mm
z-travel200 mm
ControlSiemens 840 D
feedmax. 30 m/min

Additional information

4-axis high speed machining centre
reinforved construction type 203
4. axis± 180°
Control SIEMENS 840D with digital axis-drives
PCU 50 Pentium II Rechner with 233 Mhz
NCU 572.4, Ethernet on Bord, Brofibus, Ethernet
Memory NC256kB (expantable of 1,5 MB) PLC 64 B (max. 288kB)
High frequency spindle GMN HSP150×381 12,0 KW
Speeds 100 - 9.000 U/min, 12,0 KW
Interface HSK-C 80
High frequency spindle GMN TSE80×315-3,7 KW
Speeds 12.000-18.000 U/min, 3,7 KW
Interface HSK-C 40
Zero point system with hydraulic clamping and blowwout – brand STARK
Minimum lubrication
Tool monitor-brand ARTIS
Suction for dry processing
Cooling aggregate VWK 90-D 11,2 KW
High speed cutting – milling jobs for all cubic, axis-symmetrically,
axis-unsymmetrically and disc shaped tool pieces
Expantable more milling spindles 100 mm

Documents & Videos

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Milling Machining Centers 4 Axis
HCP 2/4


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